Threats to Computer Systems

Protecting your computer system

Theft & Viruses 

Protecting your assests

Threats to Security of Networked Information


To ensure the computers are secure and will remain safely within Ice Queen measures have to be taken by the business in order to limit access to people who might have malicious intent.

This can be done by installing locks on the doors and perhaps having a key card entry system that way you can ensure the people around the computers are staff members.

We also would need to have some security measures in place for the premises which could be and alarm system for the outside of the building and/or CCTV recording equipment, with each step we reduce the risk to the business of our equipment being stolen.

Computer Viruses

Viruses are downloaded online via the internet, some of the documents online can have malicious and want to destroy or disable the computer’s ability to function.

A virus is basically a program like any other it could be excel in the Microsoft office program or it could be call of duty on Playstation, it’s simply a set of procedures which are designed to get your computer to do something it does not usually do.

There is a whole host of types of viruses some being the Marco Virus (Found in Emails which can harm the computer) and the Parasitic virus (this can run at the same time as your operating system deleting files from the hard drive or replicating) each different virus has a specific function and usually do not have the best intentions.

Always use caution to protect the systems you use from downloading email attachments to keeping the door locked and closed from the public, Good Luck and remain Vigilant.